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Upon treatment clients will be advised and educated about how to do the necessary stretches for injured sites of the body , and other muscle groups to maintain good tissue condition , and range of motion.

Muscles, tendons that are damaged and calcified are best not stretched until normal tissue quality has been achieved.

Stretches are given to clients once the muscle, tendons are in good enough condition to benefit from specific stretches.


Calcification of the human body that occurs at cell level throughout the body is one of the greatest challenges that have and is facing the health of every human being.

At the SMART Centre we predomonanentley deal with the muscle, tendon ligament joint deterioration.

Through treating thousand of people who have and are performing every exercise that a human being has been and is involved in ie sport, work social activities etc. our observations and experience have shown us and given us an understanding of the human body that challenged us to develop techniques that are the only answer in treating these crippling, life changing, poor quality of life, pain issues.

Our experience and observations has found that most people eat and drink throughout life unaware of the slow onset permanent, quality of life calcifications that are occurring.

People also are unaware of the permanent, quality of life, pain issues, that start occurring at a very young age, due to exercise repetitive body movement with sport and later work repetitive over a long period of time. Observations have shown us that no human being is immune from this problem occurring

Unresolved body issues cause people to change everything in their life around their pain / disability, resulting in poor quality of life. As one lives with an injury or dysfunction, the body compensates around the problem, further compounding soft tissue injuries in other areas of the body.

We have a great network of Professional Health Practitioners that we can refer people to, giving them the opportunity and knowledge to lower their PH, acid levels in their body.