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Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy


597 South Road
Everard Park 5035
Phone: (08) 8351 1172


TREATMENT PLANS - a short or long term plan for clients to ensure a long lasting good quality of life to enhance their sports or working career

FRICTION - a deep, non oil, repetitive, movement that breaks up calcification of body tissue

TRIGGER POINTS - are hypertensive parts of muscle that refer pain to other parts of body

REMEDIAL MASSAGE THERAPY - a deep tissue treatment to encourage the body to correct muscle, tendon, ligament normality

SPORTS MASSAGE - pre-event, preventative and maintenance , from elite to social athletes, preventing repetitive use injuries from occurring

MUSCULOSKELETAL THERAPY - correcting muscle tensioning that is applied to skeletal structure to give it normal position and function in the body

MET - this technique uses minimal muscle effort to correct muscle , tendon, ligament joint disfunction

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE - used to encourage normal lymphatic flow throughout the body

GENERAL HEALTH - advise on hydration, general diet, and stretching exercises,also how to reduce stresses in ones life to allow your body to have and maintain good vibrant health