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Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy


597 South Road
Everard Park 5035
Phone: (08) 8351 1172


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The SMART Centre is musculoskeletal, Remedial Massage Therapy Centre.

At the centre we deliberately and systematically treat the body in such a manner to reinstate its energy and quality of life. We have proved at the centre that any person of any age will benefit from having an assessment and following a treatment plan.

Your body is a history book of everything that has happened in your life and it is always truthful. We have, with over 32 years of total experience, developed the highest quality body treatments that one can have that provide long lasting permanent results.

Upon being treated at the SMART Centre, clients can expect to be more educated about their greatest asset, their body, and know about how to look after it to keep it in good condition while they live life. We educate our clients about stretching exercises, hydration, body friendly exercises and more.